Importance of SEO

So What’s All The Fuss About?

There is a a saying in the property world that there are three key things that are critical when considering buying a property and they are location, location, location!!

Not surprisingly it is no different in the online digital world and the three things that are paramount to your web presence or online shop and they are position, position, position!!

The location of your business on the high street or position on a search ranking page (SERP)  can be the difference between your business being a success or not.

So how important is it to have good SEO Rankings?

It is absolutely vital as research shows that 93% of all buying decisions start with an online search. In the UK online sales represented 12% of all retail sales in 2015.

Here are some statistics, to give some sort of perspective, regarding click through traffic based upon the position of a page as a result of a search. There are many statistics with slightly differing figures depending upon the search engine. The below is based on a study of Google Search Engine. (source: Chitika)

% clicks by position on page 1 of Google

If your main search term has 3000 searches every month and you are on page 2, the likely hood is that you will receive only 1 click per day.

% click traffic by page on Google

91.5% of all clicks are made on page 1 of google

traffic by result page

Mobile Searches

It’s Official: Google Says More Searches Now On Mobile Than On Desktop (2015)

The company officially confirms what many have been anticipating for years

The company  announced that for the first time “more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers (in 10 countries including the US and Japan).”

The challenge for many businesses is to make their web presence mobile responsive following mobilegeddon (21st Apr 2015). In essence, a mobile-friendly website will rank higher for searches on mobile devices. With 50% + searches from mobile devices, it is not difficult to understand the importance of this issue.