Ac #669062761

I have been in the Philippines for nearly a week – fortunately my SKY broadband was installed before I got here so I could get on with my online life….

Yesterday at 9pm it stopped well almost it was taking 5 minutes to download a web page – frustrating or what?

I rang various numbers shown on the leaflets that were given at the time of purchase but none of them worked.

In the morning we rang the agent (09323359252) for his help who said he couldn’t because there was a big conference and gave the impression that all the sky support teams from all the world were occupied with it. Obviously highly important for him but actually irrelevant for the paying customers who can not get a service. But he did say that it was probably the atmospherics. I queried why the TV is working then. He finally provided 4 numbers for us to ring and with out exception all 4 numbers did not work. Quelle surprise! ….. asked him to check again resulted in no further response.

We decided affirmative action was needed and we went tot he shopping mall (Grande Mall Lapu City) to speak to the SKY representative .. this was a mistake. asking why the numbers on the leaflets did not work he said the leaflets were for a different city but were delivered in error to them (try saying this with an attitude that it is not my fault – some one else made the mistake so we just compounded it by giving them out to all new customers knowing that as soon as they have a problem we are going to make sure they are really well and truly pissed off)

He did after laughing (verging on a sneer) at my suggestion that with paying for the premium package that I should have a some sort of refund for not being provided with a service give me the telephone number for the billing and inquiry line (09284305817)

These people turned out to be very helpful and promised to have my broadband issue rectified the same day.

Now midnight and the issue persists so in fact not so helpful but only platitudes to make me think they were being helpful.

So I have just been on your website using my 4g data from my phone – yes I don’t need you (remember this) and rung the correct number (032 4211818) and was on hold for 20+ minutes before the connection ceased and have not been able to re connect again with the number.

I have text you I have emailed you I have filled in your contact for to the technical support team and the complaints team and this is my final gesture before I cancel my account.

A business is not just about selling it is about customer retention and customer loyalty. A philosophy and ethos which seems to be sadly lacking.

Please fix my broadband or send me details how to cancel my misguided subscription